All-natural fabric softener and scent boost in One! DIY

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Homemade all-natural fabric softener and scent boost in one?! This has to be one of the best things since sliced bread! When I discovered this DIY on Pinterest I was super excited to give it a try. Not only did I find one of my new favorite blogs. But, I found a money-saving non-toxic alternative to softening and scenting my laundry.

This All-natural fabric softener and scent-boost idea came from Jenn over at Clever name right? You can check out Jenn’s original post here.

You will find that after using this for a while your clothes are softer than ever. Also, you will have absolutely NO static cling issues! Living in a dry climate as we have here in Colorado can be a static cling nightmare, let me tell you! I have been pleasantly surprised by this added benefit!

All-natural fabric softener and scent-boost

Bounce sheets have always been my go-to for a fresh scent and soft, static-free clothes. The idea of finding something to replace my beloved Bounce seemed impossible. It did everything I needed it to do.

Why make the switch to an All-natural fabric softener and scent-boost?

Well, why not? I could probably think of a dozen reasons to switch. But, there are three main reasons I decided to make a change.

  1. The health of myself and my family.
  2. The health of the environment.
  3. To save money.

All-natural fabric softener and scent-boost


There are a lot of people these days concerned about chemicals in household products. I will spare you any of my research findings that might be considered by some as scare tactics or even “fake news.” However, I will share with you my own experience.

Allergies and sinus issues are definitely a problem in my family. It seems any kind of synthetic perfume causes raging headaches. Also, allergy symptoms sometimes even leading to sinus infections. We all still want fresh-smelling, soft static-free clothes. But, without the headaches!

You can use any essential oil you like. For this batch, I went with a Williams Sonoma copy cat scent. Rosemary, Lemon, and Vanilla!

All-natural fabric softener and scent-boost

Less waste

There is no doubt about it, the wastebasket in my laundry room doesn’t fill up as fast! In the past, I was throwing out at least 30 pieces of garbage per month, just with drying clothes. The only waste now is the Epsom salt container. Some brands use a paper container that can be recycled or burned.

Money saver

The savings aren’t HUGE but, every little bit adds up!

A penny saved is a penny earned. Click To Tweet

I wash at least one load of laundry EVERY day. The savings calculations are based on my household needs. You might save even more for a larger family!

When compared to Bounce fabric softener sheets the savings are about $.04 per load. Might seem laughable but that comes out to $1.24 per month. I can buy a dozen eggs with that.

If you buy a scent booster on top of bounce fabric softener sheets, the savings are much more. For a 6.5 oz Downy unstoppable you’ll pay $5.19. If you use one tablespoon per load you’ll get six and a half loads out of that one bottle. They advertise that the scent lasts 12 weeks.


For argument’s sake, let’s just say you only have to use it every other wash. That would double your loads to 13 loads for $5.19. That is $.40 per load. By using this 2 in 1 homemade version, you save a whopping $12.40 per month!

All-natural fabric softener and scent-boost Recipe

You will need:

One 4 lb bag of Epsom salt.

Essential oils of your choice.


Pour Epsom salt into a mixing bowl. Add 60-120 drops of your favorite oil. obviously the more drops the stronger scent. I personally go on the heavy side. I want to be able to smell it on my clothes.

Mix well with a wooden spoon.

All-natural fabric softener and scent-boost

Sprinkle 2-3 Tbs of All-natural fabric softener and scent-boost directly into the washbasin on top of the clothes. Wash as normal.

I have found that I like this much better than putting essential oils directly on wool dryer balls. The stains left on the balls were just ugly. Now they look pretty and clean sitting on top of the dryer. Speaking of wool dryer balls, I absolutely LOVE mine! The main reason I bought some was to cut down on drying time in my electric dryer. I was finding that I was having to run two dry cycles to get my heavy fabrics like towels and jeans, completely dry. Now when I use the wool dryer balls I only have to run one regular dry cycle and my stuff comes out of the dryer COMPLETELY dry! One of the best purchases I have ever made. 


For added convenience, I put a teeny tiny command hook to hold a tablespoon.

And who doesn’t love a two in one?! By the way, if you like my little vinyl decal I made it using my Cricut. Check out how I did it using an affordable alternative to Cricut Transfer Tape!

All-natural fabric softener and scent-boost

If the harsh scents of commercial products bother you, give this All-natural fabric softener and scent-boost a try. You won’t be sorry! Here are a few more DIY cleaning recipes you might like!

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Have a blessed day!

🙂 Leigh Ann

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