3 Easy steps to Clean Your Instant Pot Outer Rim Fast!

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If you have jumped on the Instant Pot bandwagon, there is no doubt you have encountered this problem.

Instant pot tip

That pesky outer rim gets gunked up pretty quickly. Click To Tweet

Especially if you don’t stay on top of it. Raise your hand if that’s you. :/ They say confession is good for the soul.

How to clean your Instant pot outer rim

I see people asking all the time in the Instant Pot Community Facebook group, how to clean the outer rim.

I’ll show you a super quick and easy way to clean your Instant Pot outer rim!

How to clean your Instant Pot outer rim

We silly human beings tend to overthink and complicate the simplest things. I am as guilty as anyone! Sometimes ugly messes in tiny spaces can cause one to overthink. Let’s just keep it simple shall we?

How to clean your instant pot outer rim
Teeny tiny dirty space!

No Fancy Tools Needed

Cleaning your Instant Pot outer rim requires no fancy tools, special gadgets or cleaning products. You need only a washcloth and hot water! If you let it go a bit too long, maybe a drop of soap or a little of my Diy All-Purpose cleaner. 🙂

How to clean your Instant Pot outer rim

Start by wetting your washcloth with as hot of water as you can stand.


You are going to start by placing the corner of the wet washcloth over the edge of the Instant Pot rim, like so.

How to clean your Instant Pot outer rim

Gather the washcloth a little at a time, and continue to push it over the rim until it is bunched up and you can’t push any more of the washcloth into the rim crack.

The idea is to get the washcloth to touch as much of the rim surface as possible.

How to clean your Instant pot outer rim

Once you have the washcloth bunched into the rim as far as it will go, you want to slide the washcloth around the rim.

How to clean your instant pot outer rim

As you slide, apply a bit of pressure to make sure the cloth picks up all the debris in the rim.

And walla! See how easily it wipes clean?!


For any debris that may have been left behind, use a toothpick or a cotton swab to loosen it. Wipe the loosened debris with your washcloth.

How to clean your instant pot outer rim

So Fresh and so Clean!

In a matter of minutes, your Instant Pot outer rim will be clean as a whistle!


How to clean your Instant pot outer rim
How to clean your Instant Pot outer rim

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Hope you enjoyed this post! Do you have any quick tips involving your instant pot?

Leigh Ann 🙂

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