Instant Pot Greek Yogurt Recipe, Easy Dump & Go No Straining!

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If you have not tried homemade yogurt in the Instant Pot yet, what’s holding you back?? If it has been that most recipes you see have lots of steps that you just don’t want to deal with, then this dump and go Instant Pot Greek yogurt recipe is for you!! It is the best yogurt you will ever have. I am confident of this fact because it is the best I have ever had and I consider myself a bit of a yogurt connoisseur.


Oh, and the best part is… NO STRAINING!

**It is important that I point out for this recipe your Instant Pot MUST have a yogurt button!**

This is a “dump and go” Instant Pot Greek yogurt recipe. If you don’t have a yogurt button this recipe and method WILL NOT WORK.

If you don’t have the yogurt button on your Instant Pot, don’t worry! I got you!

CLICK HERE for a fantastic recipe for making homemade yogurt WITHOUT the yogurt button!

Jack and Amy worked hard to develop their recipe! 🙂

Instant Pot Greek Yogurt


My Instant Pot is the Duo Plus. There are a few models that have the yogurt button. You can find them on Amazon. Also, I highly recommend the Instant Pot glass lid but it is not completely necessary for this recipe. If you don’t have the glass lid you can use a dinner plate!

Right now the price on the Instant Pot Duo Plus, compared to the Amazon price is much cheaper on! Only $79 for a 6qt!

What if I want to make Instant Pot Greek Yogurt, but I don’t have the yogurt button?

If you don’t have the yogurt button on your Instant Pot, you CANNOT use THIS recipe! 

However, a quick google search will bring up a plethora of Instant Pot yogurt recipes that DO NOT require the coveted yogurt button.

I cannot recommend any particular recipe because I have not tried any. But I have made yogurt in my slow cooker back in the day, and it was a huge success!! You might be able to use this recipe in your Instant Pot with the slow cooker function.  This is the recipe I used.

Let me know if you try that and if it comes out!

What do I need to make this Instant Pot Greek Yogurt Dump and Go recipe?

  1. Instant Pot with a yogurt button
  2. 6 1/2 cups or 52 oz of ULTRA PASTEURIZED WHOLE milk ~ Most organic milk is ultra-pasteurized
  3. 2 cups of natural (MADE WITH REAL CREAM AND MILK) coffee creamer vanilla flavored. If you want to make plain yogurt with no flavor replace the vanilla creamer with half and half.
  4. A 5.3 oz single serving of plain Greek yogurt with live active cultures
  5. A whisk
  6. A measuring cup
  7. Small jars with lids to store the yogurt in
  8. A glass lid or a plate

Instant Pot Greek Yogurt

Why Do I Need Yogurt to Make Yogurt?

The active live cultures in the yogurt are live bacteria. Very healthy for the gut! While the yogurt is incubating the bacteria eat the lactose in the milk and then convert it to lactic acid. Which is what gives yogurt that tart taste.

The yogurt acts as the yogurt starter.

You can use a yogurt starter but they can be difficult to find in the grocery store.

Whereas the grocery store has an abundance of yogurt to choose from. I like to use the store brand or Chobani when it’s on sale. You just have to make sure that the yogurt you choose has LIVE ACTIVE CULTURES, and is Greek style.

This is the Safeway store brand. I think it was like $.79 on sale when I bought it. 🙂 You can see that the ingredients list live active cultures.

Now let’s make some Instant Pot Greek Yogurt!

Instant Pot Greek Yogurt

Step One: Make Sure Your Instant Pot is Clean

  • You don’t want any leftover food residue to ruin your yogurt!
  • That leftover food residue can cause unwanted bacteria to grow. Yuk!

Pro Tip: Did you know that you can put the Instant Pot liner, lid, and sealing ring in the dishwasher?

The dishwasher is my number one tip for preventing lid and sealing ring odors! As well as storing it upside down when not in use. Click To Tweet



Step Two: Measure And Pour Milk And Cream, Then Pour it Into Your Instant Pot

Measure 6 cups of milk…or…you can buy Fairlife milk which is EXACTLY 52 ounces. In which case you can just dump it right in without measuring.

If you buy a half-gallon carton of milk it is much easier to measure out 3 1/2 cups of milk.

Instant Pot Greek Yogurt

Then dump the remaining milk in the carton into the Instant Pot. It’s exactly 6 1/2 cups. 🙂

Measure 2 cups of the creamer and pour it into the Instant Pot.


Step Three: Add Your Yogurt Starter and Whisk It, Whisk It Good!

It is very important to get the yogurt very well incorporated otherwise your yogurt will not turn out.

So put a little elbow grease into it and get with it!

Instant Pot Greek Yogurt

Step Four: Put a Lid on it, And Hit The Yogurt Button.

Like I mentioned before I highly recommend the tempered glass Instant Pot Lid. It is super convenient!

Also, it’s really nice to have when using the slow cooker function!

You do need some type of lid or cover to make this yogurt. A plate works fine and you may have a stray lid somewhere in your cabinets that will fit.

But if you don’t you can find this lid on Amazon or click here to visit The current price is $11.99 at both Amazon and However, if you are an Amazon user you know the prices of items can fluctuate constantly.

Push the yogurt button and make sure that it is set to normal heat. If it is not on normal heat press the yogurt button again until “normal” is displayed on the screen. Just like in the photo below.

Instant Pot Greek Yogurt

**If you like a more tangy, tart-tasting yogurt, set the time for 10 hours. If you like it less tart set the time for 8 hours**

You can adjust the time on your Instant Pot by hitting the plus or minus symbol on the keypad.

Step Five: Refrigerate Finished Yogurt Overnight.

When the timer goes off hit cancel, remove the liner, and place it in the fridge overnight.

And for the love of all things Greek yogurt…

Resist the urge to stir the yogurt before refrigerating! Your yogurt will set up nice and thick as long as you don't stir it! Click To Tweet

And that’s all there is to it! You just made your very own Instant Pot Greek yogurt!

When your yogurt has cooled spoon it into the containers of choice. My favorite containers are these 4 oz quilted crystal jelly jars! Amazon’s current price is $17.07 for a box of 12.


I have to let you know… is many times MUCH cheaper!!!

Oh and by the way, offers FREE 2-day delivery on all orders of $35+!!


Instant Pot Greek Yogurt

The Final Results and The Spoon Test!

This recipe results in the thickest Greek yogurt I have ever made without straining. You could strain this if you like but why?

Especially when it comes out so thick! The proof is in the spoon test.

Instant Pot Greek YogurtInstant Pot Greek YogurtInstant Pot Greek Yogurt

The flavor of this yogurt is absolutely unreal! I really hope you give it a try.

No whey is left in the bottom of the pot after spooning it into my jars. 🙂

Instant Pot Greek Yogurt

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Instant Pot Greek Yogurt

Instant Pot Greek Yogurt Printable Recipe

Creamy, thick, and delicious! This Instant Pot Greek Yogurt is crazy easy. Dump and go!
Prep Time 8 minutes
Cook Time 8 hours
Refrigeration set up time 8 hours
Total Time 16 hours 8 minutes
Course Breakfast, Dessert, Snack
Cuisine Mediterranean
Servings 12


  • Instant Pot with YOGURT BUTTON


  • 6 1/2 cups ULTRA-PASTEURIZED whole Milk Most organic milk is ultra-pasteurized
  • 2 cups vanilla-flavored natural coffee creamer Like Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss
  • 1 5.3 oz single-serve plain Greek yogurt


  • Pour milk, creamer, and yogurt into your Instant Pot liner. Whisk well until fully incorporated.
  • Press the yogurt button and make sure it is set to NORMAL. Set time for 8 or 10 hours. If you like a more tart tasting yogurt go with 10 hours. If you like it less tart go with 8 hours.
  • When the yogurt is done refrigerate for at least 8 hours.
  • Spoon yogurt into containers of your choice.


Enjoy! ♥
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4 comments on “Instant Pot Greek Yogurt Recipe, Easy Dump & Go No Straining!

  1. I made this yesterday and very happy with how it turned out! But I had a couple of questions. First, I used ultra filtered milk instead of ultra pasteurized, does that matter? You mentioned Fairlife being the exact amount needed so I decided to use it so I wouldn’t have any leftover(we don’t usually have anything in the house that needs milk). I grabbed the one thing of whole milk I saw and saw the UF instead of UP, I thought it might be the same and didn’t really have time to stand around in the grocery store reading labels. Second, how long will the Greek yogurt last in a sealed container in the fridge? Oh and one more I just thought of, can I cut this recipe in half if I want to make less next time? Thanks for taking the time to read and for the super easy recipe!

  2. Have you tried anything besides the coffee creamer? It has a lot of junk in it. Would I be able to use cream or half in half instead and add some vanilla extract? Thank you! This recipe is so easy!

    • Hi Cassie! The Natural Bliss Creamer by Coffee-mate has 4 ingredients…cream, milk, sugar, and vanilla. It doesn’t have any weird thickeners or chemicals in it! Hope this helps! ♥

  3. I actually put my yogurt mixture directly into pint size mason jars and then into the instant pot to incubate. Then when it’s done I can just put it all in the fridge and there is zero mess to clean up. I have the 8qt IP DUO so I can fit 4 pints and 1 half pint, but if using the 6 quart you could probably get it all in in half pint jars. Or store half in the fridge and incubate in two batches. Idk. But it’s much more efficient to do it in mason jars, IMHO.

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