Lightning-Fast Shredded Venison Tacos, Easy and Flavorful!

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These are the easiest and fastest tacos I have ever made! We’re talking minutes. They really are LIGHTNING-fast. What makes them lightning fast is the fact that I use leftover venison roast from my Instant Pot French Dip Sandwiches recipe. The only thing to do is prepare the meat for tacos and prep all the fixings! It will only take as long as it takes you to chop all your toppings and get the meat ready. So whaddya say we get to making these lightning-fast shredded venison tacos?

You should know that you can ABSOLUTELY use a beef roast in place of a venison roast!

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Incidentally, I was able to get FOUR completely different meals for a family of five out of just one 3-4 pound venison roast! Talk about getting the most from your roast. One big hunk of meat is an excellent way to stretch a meal.

So, I start by heating up a cast iron skillet on medium-low heat.

When the cast iron is heated to my liking I add just a touch of oil. You can use all kinds of different fats for cooking in cast iron, but this particular day I used an organic olive oil spray.

Can I just say…Cast iron is such a joy to cook with. It is so beautiful for one thing. But, the versatility is outstanding! You can saute, bake, fry, deep fry, and even poach an egg. And they last forever. There is a learning curve with cooking in cast iron but if I can do it, anyone can do it! The internet is full of resources that can help you learn everything you need to know about cooking and caring for cast iron. Don’t be intimidated.

There is something special about those old-time pieces. I have one that is over 120 years old! It is waiting to be restored but I imagine it will be my best cooker. Brand new cast iron is equally as amazing when it comes to cooking. At least I think so. Lodge cast iron is the best and most affordable brand for new cast iron. If you’re looking to get into cooking with cast iron I highly recommend Lodge! They have been around for over one hundred years and still going strong. Also, made in the USA!


I could go on all day about cast iron. ♥

At this point, I dump in the leftover shredded venison and add some seasonings.

lightning fast shredded venison tacos

The roast is already full of flavor from the french dip sandwiches. But we’re having lightning-fast shredded venison tacos, so you definitely want to add some Mexican flavor!

Use a packet of premixed taco seasoning or you can make your own. The flavor of homemade is second to none and it doesn’t have all that who knows what in it. Oh, and you can make it salt-free! Even without salt, there is a ton of flavor. If you like it extra spicy try adding some DIY Smokey Chipotle Powder Spice!

lightning fast shredded venison tacos

You’ll want to put in two tablespoons of homemade taco seasoning and if you’re using a packet, just one packet will do the trick.

lightning fast shredded venison tacos

Next, my favorite part of these lightning-fast shredded venison tacos.

Fresh lime juice! I like to squeeze half of a lime over the top of the meat. Save the other half for a garnish or a fresh squeeze over the finished tacos.

Isn’t this lime just beautiful?! Perfect in every way.

lightning fast shredded venison tacos

Lime adds a ton of bright fresh flavor. Adding a tablespoon of water also helps the seasoning to spread evenly throughout the meat mixture.

lightning fast shredded venison tacos

Hopefully, you have already prepped all of your toppings and vessel of choice because guess what, these tacos are dunzo! 🙂 Just let the meat mixture heat through and there you have it. Your lightning-fast shredded venison tacos are done! The only thing left to do provided everything is prepped, is put them together.

Oh, wait!

If you’re a cilantro lover a last-second sprinkle of this gorgeous herb is a must!

lightning fast shredded venison tacos

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Let’s talk about the vessel.

Personally I am a huge fan of flour tortillas and corn tortillas. I’m not sure what it is that makes me choose one over the other. There is no rhyme to my reason.

Years ago I started making flour tortillas from scratch. I know, I know it sounds super labor-intensive but really it’s not bad at all! When you get the hang of making them you’ll get faster and faster.

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Since I started making my own tortillas we almost NEVER have store-bought. They’re just so stinking good!

However, sometimes a busy day calls for a little help from the store. This brand is, in my opinion, the BEST and most similar in taste to fresh-made flour tortillas.

Especially if you char them just a bit over a gas flame. If you don’t have gas you could always heat them up a bit in a cast-iron skillet.

Corn Tortillas

The same applies to corn tortillas. Fresh is always best but I haven’t mastered homemade corn tortillas as of yet. For the love of all things taco, do yourself a favor and buy fresh corn tortillas for tacos! The same ones you buy for enchiladas. You won’t be sorry. I like Mission brand tortillas for corn. The white corn super-soft will give you the best results whether you fry them in oil or char them on the stovetop.

This Taco Tuesday

was crazy busy so we went with our favorite store-bought flour tortillas. We gave them a quick char on the stovetop, assembled and devoured.

lightning-fast shredded venison tacos

Get in my belly!

Next time Taco Tuesday rolls around consider giving these lightning-fast shredded venison tacos a try! With just a little planning you can have four nights of fast, easy meals from ONE roast. Remember even if you don’t eat wild meat a beef roast will do just the same!

lightning-fast shredded venison tacos

I was also able to make two more meals from the French Dip Sandwich recipe!

  1. American Vegetable Goulash Recipe in The Instant Pot, Delicious!
  2. 20-Minute Red Chili Recipe With Shredded Venison and Beans.

Big money saver for sure!

OH! I almost forgot to tell you…I got these taco serving plates the other day from Amazon! They came in after this Taco Tuesday so I didn’t get to try them out. However, I think they are going to be awesome! You can bake your shells with them as well as serve them up. I thought the flowers were so cute too. They have a nice sturdy feel to them. We can’t wait to use them and tell you all about it! 🙂 ♥

5 More Dinner Ideas to Make With Leftover Instant Pot French Dip!

  1. BBQ Sandwiches: Add your favorite barbeque sauce and maybe a drop or two of liquid smoke to the meat. Be sure to use just the meat and not the juice or you will have a soggy mess!
  2. Gyros: Yes! All-day long. These are just as easy as the tacos, you don’t even have to season the meat just reheat it. You can buy store-bought flatbread but I discourage that with everything that is in me!! Homemade flatbread is extremely easy to make. I do it in my bread machine! If you don’t have a bread machine don’t fret. This recipe by Mel over at Mel’s Kitchen Cafe is OUTSTANDING and very easy! It’s the one I use in my bread machine. 🙂
  3. Venison or Beef Stew: You’ll need the broth for this. The only seasonings I’ve added when making the stew is a bit of rosemary and thyme. The french dip has tons of flavor already. Remove the meat from the broth so it doesn’t get overcooked. Simmer the broth with all your veggies until tender. Add a cornstarch slurry. Then put the meat back in the stew and heat through!
  4. Soup: Here is where you can get really creative! Go nuts. A Mexican style soup would be fantastic. With hominy and red chili. Yum, yum!
  5. Shredded Beef Gravy: For this, you will need the juice and some or all of the meat. It depends on how many you want to feed. You could just heat the mixture up and add a cornstarch slurry which would be super fast. But, I like to separate the meat and juice. In a hot skillet melt 3 tablespoons butter. Add 3 tablespoons flour to make a roux. Now add the juice and once the gravy is thickened add back in the shredded meat. Serve over mashed potatoes, rice, or noodles! This is a favorite in my family. So comforting. ♥

 Lightning-Fast Shredded Venison Tacos!

I hope you enjoyed this meal stretching post! I have a few more up my sleeve and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Have a wonderful day!

Leigh Ann ♥




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7 comments on “Lightning-Fast Shredded Venison Tacos, Easy and Flavorful!

  1. Tacos aren’t something we eat a lot in the UK but after seeing how quick and tasty they are I am definitely going to whip some up for lunch or dinner one day this week!

    • The great thing about tacos is you can do them up however you like! The other night my family and I went out to eat and on the menu, they had BBQ pork tacos. They were basically a BBQ pork sandwich just in a fried flour taco shell. Here in the US, there are many styles and tastes when it comes to tacos! πŸ™‚

    • You’re welcome! We use wild meat for everything, we even make bacon πŸ™‚ By the way, You can also put this taco meat under the broiler to crisp it up for carnitas!

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  3. Looks worth trying… love my venison.
    Making it printable would be great! Or maybe just put all the ingredients list together so it’s easy to copy/read while cooking.

    • Katrina, thanks so much for your input! It is difficult to put it into a “recipe” because you are just “re-using” the shredded venison from a previous recipe which I linked in the post, to make tacos.

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