Easy Do It Yourself Dollar Tree Glass bowl Snowman

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Since the moment I laid eyes on this Pinterest DIY, I just knew I had to make one for myself! The Dollar Tree in my tiny little town didn’t have everything I needed to make this Smart School House snowman created by Kelly Dixon. So I improvised and created my own do it yourself Dollar Tree glass bowl snowman. My goal was to purchase only items from Dollar Tree to make this handsome fella. Isn’t he just cute as a button?!

 Dollar Tree Glass bowl Snowman

I love Dollar Tree for so many things. Did you know you can get Free Shipping to your Local Store??!!

Jeff has this look he gives me when I make yet ANOTHER Chrismas decoration. Some of you may know just the look I’m referring to. The one that says, “Don’t you have enough Christmas decorations?” He sort of gets that whole duck lip furrowed brown thing going on.

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So without further ado, let’s make this SUPER EASY,

Β Dollar Tree Glass Bowl Snowman

You can really get creative here and do your own thing. Use things you already have on hand as I did, in combination with the Dollar Tree items you find. Luckily my Dollar Tree had a top hat ornament so I didn’t have to make it! If you can’t find an already made hat you can definitely make the hat just like Kelly Dixon did!

You could also make a beanie style or stocking hat out of an old baby sock or fleece! Cut the toe off of the sock and roll it up to create a brim. Tie the top of the sock with ribbon or string and you have yourself a stocking hat!

Dollar Tree Glass bowl Snowman

I bought 10 items from Dollar Tree, used felt and fuzzy puffballs (I guess that’s what you call them) I had on hand.

Dollar Tree Glass bowl Snowman

Fuzzy puffballs?

What do you call them?!


I applied these adorable foam stickers to the glass bowls!

Of course, I only used the snowflake stickers and only put them on the bottom two bowls. πŸ™‚

Next thing was to put the miniature silver Christmas balls into the glass bowls. The look of the different textures is so appealing to me! They’re amazing on a tree and equally as amazing in my Dollar Tree glass bowl snowman. πŸ™‚

Oh so glittery and shiny! When you fill the bowls with the ornaments you’ll want to leave enough space for the next glass bowl to sit snugly on top. I had a handful of ornaments leftover that I gave to my girls for the trees in their bedrooms.

Yes, we are one of “those” families.

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Dollar Tree Glass bowl Snowman


I filled the bowls with the ornaments and stacked them, I realized that the second bowl was slipping around on the first bowl. So I took my hot glue gun and put a small amount of glue around the rim to create a non-slip surface.

Worked like a charm!β™₯

The head of my Dollar Tree Glass bowl Snowman is a different shaped bowl because alas, I could not find a small glass bowl that matched the other two. So once again I improvised. A candle votive did the trick. I filled the head with the faux snow instead of the ornaments so that the face would really stand out.

Dollar Tree Glass bowl Snowman

The top hat ornament was the perfect fit. Since it was in fact an ornament I had to cut the string so it didn’t look silly. There was a gaping hole after the cut so a little bell I had on hand took care of that!

Okay, maybe not “gaping”. Exaggeration is a side effect of my type-A personality.


His top hat was attached with hot glue as well as his eyes, nose, and buttons. A Black ribbon scarf finished this fine fellow. A Christmasy fleece would be just as cute, especially if you make your hat out of fleece! Hmmm, I might need to make him a friend. β™₯

I haven’t figured out just yet how I’m going to store him. When I do I will update this post ASAP! Any ideas on how to best store this snowman??!! On that note, if you’re looking for a better way to store your Christmas ornaments to prevent breakage…This post may interest you. πŸ™‚

Hopefully, you all have a wonderful day and thank you for reading!

Leigh Ann β™₯ πŸ™‚








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