Dip Powder Nail Kit Review, Lavender Violets Brand on Amazon!

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Homemaking can be absolute murder on a manicure! I have always loved having my nails painted. It makes me feel feminine and pretty. However, for all the time and energy that I put into giving myself a great manicure, only to have it chip or peel THAT VERY SAME DAY. UGH!! Talk about exasperating! NOT worth it. Plus I cannot afford to get gel or dip powder nails in the salon on a regular basis. I’d rather put my money elsewhere if you know mean. So, I am very excited to share this Lavender Violets dip powder nail kit review with you today!!

Love me a good mani!

My toenails have always been painted, even through the winter months. Like I said it just makes me feel like a girl, ya know? The thing about a good manicure is you can run errands around town in your mom bun, a hoodie, and skinny jeans; looking superrrrr…Mmmm…comfortable? (which by the way, is SOOO my style!)

Still CUTE but not necessarily “put together.” But,

If your nails are on point, something about that says you put in a little more effort than you actually did. Click To Tweet

And it makes you FEEL like you look great even if you hadn’t showered yet and just threw on your hoodie and skinny jeans.

Anyway, my pedicures always outlast my manicures by weeks it seems with very little maintenance so I always kept them up and rarely did my fingernails. I had seen some Instagram ads for dip powder nails and was immediately intrigued, to say the least. After doing some YouTube research and looking at different brands I decided to hit up Amazon.

Incidentally, I have a whole Pinterest board devoted to nail designs. You can check that out HERE if you like!

Lavender Violets Dip Powder Nail Kit Review

The Lavender Violets dip powder kits come in many really great colors which I have linked toward the end of this post. For my first try with dip powder, I decided to go with the French kit. The kit comes with four dip powders total, two different pink shades, one white, and clear. It also comes with directions and 4 bottles of solution, #1 the base, #2 the activator, #3 the topcoat, and #4 the brush saver.

The brush saver is just that. It saves your #1 base brush when it gets hard from the activator and the powder mixing and then picking up a bit on the #1 base brush. Absolutely brilliant on the part of the makers to include the brush saver!

As you can see I destroyed the lid because it got stuck once. I was getting too much of the base layer around the rim of the bottle. If this ever happens to you, you can use the brush saver and paint around the rim to dissolve the base! I haven’t had the lid get stuck again after that.

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Ease of use

For 7 months I have been using this dip powder nail kit. Plenty of time to get a good grasp on whether or not it’s a quality product. This is my very first dip powder manicure! I’d say my results speak for themselves as far as ease of use. 🙂

Dip Powder nail kit Review

Pretty good for the first try. It took me about 2 hours to complete my very first dip powder manicure. But I am much faster now. It takes me about an hour start to finish. For this Dip Powder nail kit Review, I ordered the Lavender Violets French kit. On the first try, I didn’t do the white tips because my nails are usually kept short and it would just look weird, but also because I needed to learn how to actually do it correctly. So I just went with the French pink and a pink glitter accent nail which I did with my own regular nail polish. More on that later!

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it really was. Click To Tweet

That being said, I did watch a lot of YouTube videos before I ever even ordered the kit from Amazon. This may have been a factor in how easy it was for me. Something to keep in mind for sure! I highly recommend watching some tutorial videos before you go all in.

How long does each dip powder manicure last?

Every dip powder manicure I’ve done with the Lavender Violets brand has lasted anywhere from 2-4 weeks! That is incredible for me. As I said before with regular nail painting most times I couldn’t get through a whole day without it getting ruined. And that was after spending literally DAYS getting each coat on and dry times. If I didn’t allow enough dry time it never failed I’d get a smear or a nick. :/

This was after 4 weeks of growth! Not bad at all. No chipping just a bit of rubbing off of color on the middle and pointer fingers.

Dip Powder nail kit Review

As you can see in the picture below I was slacking a bit on cuticle care. :/ What can I say? I’m a busy woman.

Dip Powder nail kit Review

Does dip powder ruin your natural nails?

I’m no professional but in my humble opinion, I think it depends. If you get a crack in the nail from bumping it really hard and the nail starts to catch on things or just become annoying, you may be tempted to rip it off.

DON’T DO THAT! Never, ever, ever! Ripping them off will most definitely ruin your natural nails! The dip powder bonds to your natural nail and pulling them up tears and pulls at the top layers of your natural nail. There is a method for removing dip powder that takes only about 10 minutes! Here is the video I found on YouTube a while back. This is the exact method I use!

This video is Peppi Gel which is another brand of dip powder. They have some great colors and a super helpful Facebook group. I have never tried this brand so I can’t speak on it. But I can say it is a bit on the pricy side. At least for a first-timer who just wants to see if dip powder nails are for them.

Here is a picture of my nails after properly removing the 4-week dip powder manicure above.

Dip Powder nail kit Review

Not ruined at all! ♥

Is there an odor to Lavender Violets Dip Powder?

It seems most of the various brands of dip powders claim to have absolutely no odor. The powders themselves do not have an odor but I have found that if I get my face too close to my nails as I’m applying the base or the topcoat, it burns my eyes. Other than that no odor.

It smells like nail glue. The kind you use for gluing on tips before adding acrylic.

Can I use regular nail polish with dip powder nails?


The red manicure in these photos is a coat of regular nail polish in between the last layer of dip and the topcoat. Does that make sense? So I put 2 layers of clear dip powder, the regular nail polish, a final clear dip layer and after the activator hardens the dip powder I put the topcoat.

This has been a HUGE money saver for me. I can keep my nail polish collection and don’t have to purchase all new dip powder colors!

Oh, and speaking of nail polish collections…

I found the perfect way to organize mine!

The BEST THING EVAH!! It holds 48 polishes! I bought 2! 🙂 It is very sturdy and they slide right under my bed.

How long does dip powder take to “cure” or dry?

It dries SO fast! That is one of my favorite things about it. I can have a full manicure done and dry in about an hour. BONUS, you don’t need lights to cure it!!


I am very pleased with this Lavender Violets Dip Powder kit! I will definitely buy this brand again. This time maybe in some of the fun colors they have. I highly recommend these nail dip powder kits. I am confident that my nails will not suffer one chip or nick whilst working my way through my spring cleaning checklist.

That being said, I have noticed that if I am in a hurry and do kind of a shoddy job they don’t last as long. I have some tips for you to make sure you get the most out of your dip powder kit!

  1. Nail prep- Proper nail preparation is HUGE! You want to make sure your nails are dehydrated with rubbing alcohol, lightly buffed, and be sure to take care of your cuticles. Doing all these things help to make sure you get a good bond.
  2. Regular nail polish dry time- If you use a clear dip powder and want to put regular nail polish on, make sure you give it plenty of time to dry. If you don’t allow enough time for the polish to dry you will get ripples. Sometimes they can be buffed out but not always.
  3. Use a mask- The powder is very fine and can be irritating to the lungs. Best to take precautions and use a mask.
  4. Keep a cap full of 100% acetone and a brush or cotton swab on hand to fix any mistakes.

Hopefully, this Lavender Violets Dip Powder nail kit Review has helped you!

 Lavender Violets Dip Powder Kit Colors Available on Amazon:


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my dip powder nail review! If you have any questions about dip powder, leave me a comment and I’ll answer as best I can.

Leigh Ann ♥

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7 comments on “Dip Powder Nail Kit Review, Lavender Violets Brand on Amazon!

  1. My Lavender Violets dips are not lasting a week. Within 24 hours my manicure begins to chip. The first time I did it lasted 3 weeks. Now each color I try doesn’t last 24 hours. What could be my problem? Anyone else having this problem?

  2. Hi! Thank you for a great article! I was wondering what the name of the color of that bright Barbie pink (below that picture you wrote about how you had a lot of nail growth and were busy woman). It is really pretty! Would love to know the nam!

    • So that color was actually a nail polish that I sandwiched in between layers of clear dip powder. I don’t have that color anymore so I couldn’t tell you the name. Sorry about that 🙁 There are some really great small dip powder businesses on Etsy that have TONS of colors and better quality than the Lavender Violets brand. Definitely check them out!

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