Easy Spice Cabinet Organization With Before & After Pictures!

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Easy Spice Cabinet Organization With Before & After Pictures!~Organizing all the things seems to be the stay at home quarantine task of choice. While I would much rather none of this pandemic craziness was happening right now, it’s a great time to get some things done around the house. Including that wretched spice cabinet. Back in September, I tried this “as seen on TV” Spicy Shelf to fix my spice cabinet?

UPDATE: 06/14/2020 I found the spicy shelf on Walmart.com for $19.88!!

easy spice cabinet organization

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YAASSSSS! An “organized masterpiece” just what I was looking for!

Nothing else had worked for me so I figured why not. When I say nothing had worked, what I mean is every method or organization for spices, just plain sucked! Completely non-functional. Just an absolute hot mess!

I couldn’t find the spice I was looking for in a timely manner. When in that rare moment I found what I needed quickly, the result was bottles of spices falling all over the place as I pulled out what I needed.


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At first glance, it may not look so bad. However, like I said it just did not function well. It drives me bananas not being able to find what I need quickly, if at all.

A system here was definitely in place. Every spice had its place and I always put them back in their place. The layout of the spices I had memorized, so for a bit, it worked well. But the problem was when OTHER people would get into the cabinet and not put the basil back where it belonged.

Easy Spice Cabinet Organization, Step 1.

First things first, I took out all the spices and gave them a good wipe down. Sometimes the tops of the bottles get a little dusty. I wiped down the inside of the cabinets as well.


The assembly of the Spicy Shelf was really easy. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the assembly. :/ The Spicy Shelf can fit in any cabinet as it is adjustable. Don’t let the flimsy look of it fool you! This little shelf is quite sturdy. It definitely looks as though it couldn’t hold much weight but as you can see in the next few pictures, most of my spices are in glass containers.

Once you have the shelves adjusted to your cabinet space, you can start loading up your spices.

Spicy Shelf, As Seen On Tv.

It truly is an “organized masterpiece”! When it comes to organizing products that I have purchased, this is one of my favorites for sure. I highly recommend the Spicy Shelf.

easy spice cabinet organization

easy spice cabinet organization

On the other side of my spice cabinet, there are bulk spices. The Spicy Shelf only holds standard size spice bottles. So I used the shelf organizers I already had in the cabinet.

easy spice cabinet organization

But Did This Organized Masterpiece Last?

Here we are six months later and the Spicy Shelf has lived up to my expectations! Everyone puts the spices back right where they belong. It makes my heart so happy!!

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easy spice cabinet organization

Not to bad if you ask me! There is a bit of disarray happening here but not so bad that I can’t find what I need quickly.

easy spice cabinet organization

If your spice cabinet is neatly organized, what do you use to organize your spices?

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