Game-changing Christmas Ornament Storage Solutions!

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Every year we open our Christmas ornament box, eager to decorate our tree with all (mostly) handmade Christmas ornaments. Our eyes all aglow, the lid comes off, and so begins the visual assault. Crushed and broken dreams. Ugh! That is until I discovered THESE game-changing Christmas ornament storage boxes. 🙂 There are so many shapes and sizes but these are what worked best for me. 



No more broken Christmas ornaments!

Ninety percent of our Christmas ornaments are handmade. We put a lot of love, time and energy into creating them. The last thing we want is for them to get ruined! But even if you don’t make your own ornaments, you still want them protected. It’s always so disappointing when you have to toss out something you worked so hard on or spent good money on! And some are gifts that we’d like to keep forever.

Speaking of homemade ornaments…check out these Adorable felt ice skates!

There are many Pinterest tutorials for DIY ornament boxes that are fantastic! For the last three years, I thought about making one but, I just wasn’t feelin’ it…know what I mean? What’s that old saying?

Work Smarter, not harder. Allan F. Mogensen Click To Tweet

BEST QUOTE EVER!! Don’t you think?

I purchased three from my local Walmart store for $8.87 each, plus tax. FYI they’re cheaper online! They remind me of my husband’s tackle boxes, just GIANT sized.


So what makes these “game-changing” Christmas ornament storage? The features of course!

You can customize the compartments! So that means small, medium and large ornaments can go in one container! There are thirty-six compartments in each box. However, each compartment can fit more than one ornament.

Also, the lid sits up a bit from the compartments. Allowing you to put awkward pieces right on top and the lid will still close properly! You can see in the above photo that I put two odd-shaped ornaments on top. And I had no issues closing the lid!

It’s hard to show in a photo, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

So many compartments!

Oh, AND…

They’re stackable!

Three of them stacked together take up about the same space as a standard 58 qt plastic tub

If you’re like me, and just not feelin’ the DIY, this is a GREAT alternative! In other words, you have a lazy bone have a TON of stuff to do on a daily basis. You can find these awesome containers here.

What are your favorite ways to protect and organize Christmas stuff?

Have a blessed day!

🙂 Leigh Ann



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