Soft Bread Machine Dinner Rolls Recipe

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These are without a doubt the fluffiest soft bread machine dinner rolls EVER! They can of course be made by hand or with a mixer but the bread machine makes it insanely easy. Not to mention it’s virtually no-fail. The Bread machine literally does all the work!

I don’t usually start off right away with product links. However, the use of a bread machine in this recipe makes a PERFECT dough!

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Okay, now let’s get to that Fluffy and Soft Bread Machine Dinner Roll Recipe!


Soft Bread Machine Dinner Rolls

The appeal of using a bread machine to make the dough is that, “set it and forget it” thing.

It's like, dump and go dough. Haha! No seriously you just put your ingredients in, push the dough button, and in about 90 minutes you'll have PERFECT dinner roll dough! Click To Tweet

If you don’t have a bread machine, check out this recipe from! Her recipe is similar to mine and they look super yummy!

You’re going to start by gathering all your ingredients. Put them in the bread machine pan in THE EXACT ORDER LISTED in the recipe!

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  1. 3/4 cup milk
  2. 1/4 cup warm water
  3. 1 large egg
  4. 4 tbs unsalted butter cut up
  5. 1 tsp salt
  6. 1/4 cup sugar
  7. 3 1/2 cups flour


Pour 2 1/4 tsp (or one packet) yeast into that well.

When your soft bread machine dinner rolls dough is done,


turn out the dough onto a lightly floured surface. Not too much flour because this can dry the dough out!

The dough should be soft, pliable, and not sticky. It should be super easy to work with!

Soft Bread Machine Dinner Rolls


Use a knife or a bench scraper/dough cutter to divide the dough into 16 equal parts.

The easiest way to do this is to form the dough into a circle, cut into fourths, then eighths, and then each eighth in half.

Hope that makes sense.

Next, you will form the dinner roll dough into balls.


You can simply roll them up but I have found that in order to get that smooth top, it is better to FORM THE DOUGH. Not only does it make them pretty but the less you fuss with the dough the better. It could mean the difference between soft bread machine dinner rolls, and tough dinner rolls!

Here’s how I do it:

Make a circle with your thumb and index finger. Like so.


Push the dough piece up through the hole you made with your thumb and finger. Pinch the bottom so that it seals the dough.

Place your dough balls in a cast-iron skillet or a greased baking dish.

Soft Bread Machine Dinner Rolls

Cover with a tea towel and let rise for about 20 minutes.


The rolls should be about doubled in size before baking. If they are rising in a cool kitchen it could take a bit longer. You’ll know they have risen enough when you see that the dough has bumped up the tea towel, ever so slightly.

Bake in a 375-degree F oven for 20 minutes, or until the tops are golden brown.

You can brush the tops with butter if you like.

Soft Bread Machine Dinner Rolls

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Tips for success!!

  1. Make sure you measure your flour properly!! I can’t stress this enough. Do not scoop it. Scooping can add additional flour which will make the dinner roll dough heavy and tough. Your rolls will not turn out. Fluff the flour with a spoon and then spoon it into the measuring cup. Use a butter knife to level the flour by scraping it across the top of the measuring cup.
  2. Use fresh yeast! Old yeast will not rise the dough.
  3. Real butter is best! The flavor you get from butter is second to none. But…vegetable shortening will also work well!
  4. Don’t overwork the dough! When the dough cycle on your bread machine has finished, so has your dough. It is ready to divide, shape, and bake. If you fuss with it too much you risk heavy rolls. We don’t want that! Fluffy, light, and soft is the ultimate goal.
FYI this same dough recipe makes the BEST cinnamon rolls AND freshly fried donuts!!! Click To Tweet
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Soft Bread Machine Dinner Rolls

Fluffy and Soft Bread Machine Dinner Rolls

These dinner rolls are simply the best EVER! Light, soft, fluffy, and flavorful. ♥
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Prep Time 1 hour 50 minutes
Cook Time 18 minutes
Course Bread
Cuisine American


  • 3/4 c milk
  • 1/4 c warm water
  • 1 large egg
  • 4 tbs butter cut up
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/4 c sugar
  • 3 1/2 c all-purpose flour
  • 2 1/4 tsp yeast OR one package


  • Put ingredients into your bread maker in the order they are listed in this recipe, except for the yeast. THIS IS IMPORTANT! When using a bread machine the order matters. This order ensures a proper mixture of ingredients and will make your dough PERFECT.
  • Make a well with your index finger knuckle into the flour. Pour the yeast into that well.
  • Run the dough cycle on your bread machine.
  • When the dough cycle is complete, turn out the dough onto a LIGHTLY floured surface. **Too much flour on your surface can dry out the dough making it difficult to form into balls.**
  • Divide your dough evenly into 15 parts. Form each dough part into a smooth ball. Place them onto a greased baking dish. Cover with a tea towel and let rise until doubled in size.
  • Bake in a 375 degree F oven for 18-20 minutes until golden brown.
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If you have any questions about this recipe leave a comment and I will do my best to answer ASAP. 


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  1. 5 stars
    Threw everything in the bread machine and let it do it’s thing for 1hr 30mins like the machine said. Once it beeped, I dropped the dough on my lightly floured countertop, and used a large knife to cut into 16 equal pieces. Greased my 11 x 15 glass baking dish. These rolls were all touching slightly. Let them sit for 30 minutes, then baked for 20mins at 375, just like the recipe called for. I followed every single direction “to a T”, and these are the most delicious rolls I have ever made! Thank you!!!

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