Guinness Tomato Beer Spiked with Irish Whiskey

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I’ve taken it way back to my Irish roots with this one! Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day right with this delicious spiked Guinness tomato beer! Irish Whiskey, Irish Beer and tomato juice come together in flawless bagpipe harmony.

Guinness Tomato beer

Not being a huge beer fan, I really do enjoy a good tomato beer!

Add a little spike and this tomato stout gets a tad more stout. Aye! It's good! Click To Tweet

The Irish Whiskey of choice is Bushmills of course! When a distillery has been in business for over 400 years, I’d say they have a leg up on the Whiskey lovers’ taste preference. It is very smooth with no aftertaste at all!

I chose Guinness because we’re keeping it Irish today as much as humanly possible. If I could have had an Irish tomato juice cocktail I would have.

Do they even drink tomato juice in Ireland?

Ach! Who cares…

Let’s Make a Guinness Tomato beer, spiked!

I highly recommend a frosty mug or beer stein for this recipe. It helps keep it ice cold without watering things down. Just place your favorite mug or stein in the freezer for a few hours before you plan to partake.

Gather up the ingredients and prepare yourself for a real treat! You will need, one 16 oz Guinness, 2 oz Bushmills Irish Whiskey and 3/4 cup tomato juice of your choice.

I love V8, so that is what I decided on!

Guinness Tomato beer

Start by pouring the V8 in your mug of choice. Add the Irish Whiskey and top off the glass with Guinness. If your glass, mug or stein of choice is too small to hold the entire beer, just continue to top it off as you drink.

Guinness Tomato beer

Lastly, enjoy your Guinness Tomato beer! Maybe alongside a heaping bowl of Instant Pot Corned Beef and Cabbage and a chunk of Irish soda bread!

Not a fan of Corned Beef and Cabbage? Try these Instant Pot Guinness BBQ Baby Back Ribs. They are so good!

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