Patriotic Bubble Painting Free Printable For 4th of July!

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The fourth of July is right around the corner. Can you even believe it?! Where has the time gone? Before you know it we will be planning for school, hunting season, and prepping for winter. But for now, I have a cute and fun patriotic bubble painting project for you! This a great craft for kids. πŸ™‚ HEADS UP: At the end of this post, you’ll find a few BONUS PRINTABLES. β™₯

Click here to download and print “Home of the free, because of the brave” FREE Printable sign.Β 

**I recommend using smooth cardstock for the print**

For a couple of reasons, it prints better, and the paper holds up better to the bubble painting.

Patriotic Bubble Painting


Here is another Patriotic wood “home” sign you might like! β™₯




Now that you’ve printed your sign you will want to gather some supplies:

  • FREE Printable
  • Smooth card stock for printing (I picked up that pad of 50 sheets at Walmart for $5.00!)
  • Red and white craft paint (Click HEREΒ to buy craft paint for $.50 on!!)
  • Dish soap
  • A straw
  • Two bowls
  • Water
  • Photo frame
  • Cardboard or mat to contain the mess

Patriotic Bubble Painting

Patriotic Bubble Painting Step 1:

Squeeze about a tablespoon or so of dish soap into a bowl. Add about the same amount of paint as soap. You may need to add a bit more depending on the color you want.

Patriotic Bubble Painting Step 2:

Add about 1/4 cup of water, give or take. The mixture needs to cover the end of the straw when it’s tilted so that you can blow the bubbles. Stir the soap mixture until it is well incorporated.

Patriotic Bubble Painting Step 3:

Now for the fun part! This is when to get your littles involved. πŸ™‚ Or just keep the fun all to yourself. Grab the straw and blow bubbles into the soap paint mixture.

Just like you did in your chocolate milk as a kid! Click To Tweet

Patriotic Bubble Painting

You want the bubbles to bubble up over the top of the bowl.

Patriotic Bubble Painting

Patriotic Bubble Painting Step 4:

Pop the bubbles with the right side of your printable sign.

I had to do this a couple of times to get the look I wanted.

Patriotic Bubble Painting

Patriotic Bubble Painting

Lastly, put your patriotic bubble painting in a frame!

Depending on the size of the cardstock you have and the size of your frame, you may have to do a bit of trimming.

And there you have it! Super easy patriotic bubble painting.

Patriotic Bubble Painting


Did you make this?

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Bonus Patriotic Printables!

Three more FREE patriotic printables just for you! β™₯ Click the photo of the one you like best to download and print. πŸ™‚

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